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here are the ones i have worked on at some point, either solo or in a team:

currently in development

bots in mars (early development)


you just landed on mars, with the goal to replicate your ship, and a few starting resources


platform: godot

kid a (early development)


kid a is a game about depression, self acceptance, and overcoming emoational issues

through the mechanics of cooking and selling baked goods, the character meets new people, learns more about themselves and overcomes a depressive situation in life


platform: godot


foguete! (prototype)


it’s a racing game inside a supermarket. this prototype was used in a playtest session made for a class


“Foguete!” é um jogo de corrida a pé que se passa dentro de um supermercado. O objetivo do personagem principal é atender pedidos recebidos através do app imaginário “Foguete!”, similar a outros aplicativos de entrega (iFood, Rappi etc.). Os jogadores precisam correr pelo supermercado em busca dos itens, para entregar todos os itens de um pedido no menor tempo.


platform: unity


slice the roll of sushi


you’ll receive orders
then you’ll slice the roll of sushi
then you’ll deliver
then you’ll roll more rolls of sushi
and repeat


entry for the GMTK 2022


platform: godot


Wizard of Solutions


a fetch-quest game with some plot twists


entry for the Weekly Game Jame #196


platform: construct2


Battle of the Wolf Bridge


Summon soldiers, ogres, mages and ghosts to fight the greatest war to control the Wolf Bridge!


entry for The Arbitrary Gamejam #15 and the Ghosts, Vampires or Werewolves Jam


platform: construct2

Wealthmighty Dream


The city of Wealthmighty is considered a First Class city. And that’s why lots of immigrants try to join the city, in search of better life conditions. But that’s not what the First Class citziens want, so a Foreman was hired to handle the situation. His job is to avoid letting immigrants join the city, and he’s also in charge of building a wall around it, to have a definitive solution.


entry for The Arbitrary Gamejam #14


platform: construct2

Lanny in pieces


Lanny is a small planarian that lives inside an aquarium of a school.


winner of The Arbitrary Game Jam #13


platform: construct2

IT Dept

Ever wondered how is the life of the head of an IT Department?
Get a glimpse!

(Of course, in the real life, it’s waaaaaaaay more complicated!

platform: construct2




CtrlShift is a puzzle-platform-black-and-white-2D-and-3D-and-phew! game. It’s a game that offers a logic challenge to the player, distributed among 11 stages with growing difficulty (or almost that).
The puzzles use logic and spacial reasoning, pattern recognition and agility.
CtrlShift is a conclusion project for the Digital Game Development Specialization Course, presented and evaluated in september, 2011, at PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica), in Curitiba, Brazil.


platform: xna

download here


XNA 4 Redistributable package
.NET Framework 4 Redistributable package