Thiago Hilger

Game localization and translation services
from English into Brazilian Portuguese

Meet Thiago

My name is Thiago Hilger and I’m a freelance translator based in Brazil. I made my way to translation after working for 8 years in the software development industry, developing games as a hobby, and also writing a book (which is yet to be published).  Finally, in 2014 I linked together the best of the three worlds and put my experience to work to begin my game localization and translation career. Nice to meet you!

also: educator

Since 2016, I’ve been speaking in conferences, always willing to help other translators find their way to improve their business and processes. Click here to check the events I’ have attended as a speaker and download the materials (in Portuguese).

Extra! Extra! I’ve been invited to work as a teacher on two translation courses. It will all start in 2019, so stay tuned.


2011 – Digital Game Development Specialization
2009 – Computer Science Bachelor Degree


ATA – American Translators Association
IGDA – International Game Developers Association



More than just translating, localizing a game involves adapting it to the local market where you intend to sell it. The goal is to provide the player with a product that feels like it was created in their own language and culture.


Specialized translation in very specific fields like IT, computers, hardware and software localization. These fields require a translator who understands the way the target audience thinks.


What comes after a successful translation? A successful editing and proofreading process. Translators are bound to make mistakes, which are removed during the editing and proofreading stage.


Evaluation, preparation, and adaptation of all the materials you want to localize, which may include (but are not limited to) source code, visual art, written text, fonts, formatting, and encoding.


Thiago Araujo

Team-player, knowledgeable,
easy to work with.
Great professional.

Márcia Nabrzecki
Propage Traduções

Thiago is accountable and easy to work with, always willing to provide quality work and help.

Thomas Melo

Thiago is a natural talent. Creative, responsible and resourceful, he always plays an important role in any team he joins.

Ana Peregrino de Brito
Peregrino Traduções

Thiago has all the qualities an excellent translator should have. His work is absolutely flawless, he researches terminology relentlessly, and performs a thorough review before delivery. It’s a joy to work with him.

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