Thiago Hilger

Game localization and translation services
from English into Brazilian Portuguese

Meet Thiago

My name is Thiago Hilger and I’m a freelance translator based in Brazil. I made my way to translation after working for 8 years in the software development industry, developing games as a hobby, and also writing a book (which is yet to be published).  Finally, in 2014 I linked together the best of the three worlds and put my experience to work to begin my game localization and translation career. Nice to meet you!

Since 2016, I’ve been speaking in conferences, always willing to help other translators find their way to improve their business and processes. Click here to check the events I’ have attended as a speaker and download the materials (in Portuguese).

Extra! Extra! I’ve been invited to teach Game Localization in interpret2B. My classes are part of a regular course that spans across an entire year, but you can also attend specifically the Game Localization classes if you want. Talk to me if you want to see my classes!


2011 – Digital Game Development Specialization
2009 – Computer Science Bachelor Degree


APTRAD – Associação de Profissionais de Tradução e de Interpretação
IGDA – International Game Developers Association



More than just translating, localizing a game involves adapting it to the local market where you intend to sell it. The goal is to provide the player with a product that feels like it was created in their own language and culture.


Specialized translation in very specific fields like IT, computers, hardware and software localization. These fields require a translator who understands the way the target audience thinks.


What comes after a successful translation? A successful editing and proofreading process. Translators are bound to make mistakes, which are removed during the editing and proofreading stage.


Evaluation, preparation, and adaptation of all the materials you want to localize, which may include (but are not limited to) source code, visual art, written text, fonts, formatting, and encoding.


Somber Pixel

Thiago did an amazing work localizing our game to PT-BR. He is very efficient, trustworthy and passionate about videogames. His attention to detail and great feedback makes him the perfect translator for any project. We definitely recommend his services!

Pinson Linguistic Services Inc

I’ve worked with Thiago on a large EN>PT-BR project related to technology. He is dependable, thorough, and competent. He’s my first choice for a EN>PT-BR translator!

Glyph Language Services

Thiago is a trusted, reliable, efficient, and all-around excellent gaming linguist. He makes a great effort to build and maintain friendly relationships with our project managers, and we all love chatting with him. We’ve collaborated with him on over 250,000 words of content on some high-profile RPGs during the last couple years, and we’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration for years to come.


Team-player, knowledgeable,
easy to work with.
Great professional.

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